Rethink Precast Marketing

Attract product-targeted leads by joining the growing network of preferred local precast suppliers.

Our Product Sites

Rethink Precast Marketing (RPM) sites are the B2B link between suppliers and contractors.

What you can expect

  • Qualified, attraction-based leads located near you
  • National project opportunities with contractors that are headquartered elsewhere and are planning a project near you
  • Comprehensive, expert resources to share with your customers with no website development costs
  • Best-priced marketing that pays for itself with the first sale

What your customers can expect

  • Technical resources
  • Installation tips
  • FAQs
  • Glossary information
  • Expert commentary
  • Interactive search feature to find qualified precast concrete producers near the project, regardless of their headquarters location
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Precast Traffic
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Precast Grease
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About Rethink Precast Marketing

Rethink Precast Marketing (RPM) is a suite of websites, each featuring a precast concrete solution such as Catch Basins, Manholes, Grease Interceptors, and Traffic Barriers.

How were these specific products chosen? We conducted Search Engine Optimization keyword research to determine which products have the highest search volume with the fewest results. Hence, the RPM sites provide answers to the most frequently asked questions for all things ‘precast.’

Our Experienced Team

Michael Klotthor, PE

President & COO

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O: (612) 404-2445
C: (612) 443-7678

James Grams, PE

Technical Support Engineer

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C: (612) 428-0115

Mike More

Marketing Director

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C: (612) 327-9438

Erin Kelly

Market Research and Strategy

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C: (612) 963-7908

Caleb Hurt

Marketing Specialist

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C: (715) 595-3104

Have Questions?
“As a precast concrete supplier, one of the things that appealed to me about the RPM approach is that the sites provide answers to questions that are already being searched for on the web. This is so much more powerful than other types of advertising that push information out to people who may not even be looking for it. And other than signing up, it doesn’t take any effort. It can’t get any more specific or simple than that. I think this will be a great way to focus my marketing efforts to get qualified local leads.”

– Josh Schierbeek, Quality Precast Inc.

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