Do you need more marketing help? RPM also offers additional
marketing services, customized for you.

Which of these fits your needs?

We’ll customize a proposal based on your company’s needs and budget. Reach out to discuss your needs with us. No cost, no pressure, no commitment. We’d like to help.


Starter Package


Help me get started with a marketing plan on a tight budget. Nothing fancy, we just need to start doing more marketing. Maybe social media, email campaigns, or new brochures – help me get going.


Refresh Package


We’ve done marketing in the past, but it’s time we take a fresh look at our plans going forward and we could certainly use more leads. It’d be nice to have a marketing team on board to take a look at our website, branding, and digital marketing and up our game going forward.


Team Package

Our marketing person left, and we can’t find someone who is a good fit for all of our needs. We’d like to increase the number of leads coming in and need a marketing person backed by a team to create and run a marketing program that’ll help us grow.